Wedding Celebrations and Events

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

Weddings, celebrations and events

Food is a fundamental part of any celebration and even more so at a wedding. If guests enjoy delicious food at a wedding they will remember the occasion forever.

Wedding and celebration cuisine is lovingly prepared and the freshness is evident in every mouthful that is savoured. The abundant servings have people going back for seconds. I love to meet with the wedding couples and together we design and create a menu that is unique to their wedding. In the past I have catered for weddings as small as 7 guests and as large as 200 guests as well as all weekend weddings.


Weddings, celebrations and events can be served in the following ways:

  • Buffet – an abundant and elegant selection of food served on a main table for guests to help themselves.
  • Banquet- shared dishes served on each table of guests.
  • Canapé – canapés are a great way to start your celebration and can be handed out to your guests or you can have canapé all night or lunch time long.


Celebration menu ideas and pricing

Here are some suggestions for canapés, mains, salads and desserts. You can have a full three course meal or just canapés, or canapés accompanied with salads – this works perfectly if you are planning a BBQ. If there is something you would like that is not on the menu, I can also accommodate.

All your food will come on lovely white returnable platters or chaffing dishes can be hired (at an additional cost) so your food stays warm through out your celebration. Prices listed below include me dropping off your food in plenty of time for your party. Veet’s Cuisine can arrange crockery, cutlery and table hire and table and room decoration at an additional cost if needed.


Staffing costs

Depending on your budget Veet’s Cuisine can drop off your food or can stay and present the food or offer full service and be there to serve on tables and clean up etc.

For weddings and other celebrations where you require Veet or other helpers to stay and serve there is an additional cost:

  • $50 per hour for Veet with a minimum of four hours
  • $35 per hour for helpers with a minimum of four hours
  • 15 % surcharge on Sundays and public holidays is added for staffing.


Staffing requirements

  • For setting up and refilling the buffet Veet and one helper are required for a minimum of four hours (no plates are collected or dishwashing done with this service).
  • For full food service with clearing plates and dishwashing you will need to employ 1 helper per fifteen guests plus Veet.
  • For full food with clearing plates and dishwashing as well as alcohol service you will need to employ 1 helper per ten guests plus Veet.


A note on pricing

As of 2015 the government has asked me to collect 10% gst for them so you will need to add a further 10% to the prices – apologies for this but it is beyond my control.



Your party can consist of food just from the canapés menu or you can have canapé dishes to accompany the food from the main menu. Canapés are ordered by the platter. Some of the delicious canapés on offer are listed below. Most of the choices are gluten free and some are vegan. However if you would like a totally vegan menu please ask.

Gluten-free canapés

  • Polenta bites with pesto (30 pieces) $60
  • Balinese tofu cakes (20 pieces) $60
  • Miso and maple syrup marinated tempeh or tofu and beetroot skewers (30 pieces) $60
  • Miso and maple syrup marinated Tofu and roast vegetable skewers (30 pieces) $60
  • Mini nut roasts (20 pieces) $80
  • Tangy potato balls with a tamarind dipping sauce (30 pieces) $60
  • Thai sweet corn fritters with home made sweet chili sauce or mango and avocado salsa if in season (25 pieces) $65
  • Mushroom and nut balls with tahini dipping sauce (20 pieces) $70
  • Mini tofu frittatas with eggplant caviar (25 pieces) $80
  • Pesto filled mushrooms (30 pieces) $65
  • Cashew sour cream filled mushrooms (30 Pieces) $65
  • Mini capsicums filled with millet and tofu (20 pieces) $85 (these are seasonal to summer only or you can have zucchini filled millet and tofu)
  • Cashew and red capsicum olive filled eggplant with cherry tomatoes (20 pieces) $85
  • Vietnamese rice paper spring rolls with a macadamia and coriander filling and Davidson plum dipping sauce (20 pieces) $80
  • Silverbeet dolmades (20 pieces) $75
  • Trio of homemade dips polenta chips and vegetable sticks $75
  • Antipasto plate: chili basil rolled tofu tempeh, sundried tomatoes, olives, marinated mushrooms green beans and almonds, sauteed broccolini $95


Non gluten-free canapés

  • Mini macadamia cheese and walnut tartlets (30 pieces) $75
  • Artichoke and white bean tartlets (30 pieces) $75
  • Roasted beetroot and caramalised onion tartlets (30 pieces) $75



You can have a theme party, for example Mexican, Indian, Balinese, Middle Eastern or even a BBQ banquet or choose a combination of dishes.  If you would like a theme menu, contact Veet and she will give you a list of choices. Below are some examples for combinations of dishes or look at the retreat menu for more ideas. There is a special Indian Feast menu for those who want to have an Indian theme. It is listed below the mains. Most of the choices are gluten free and some are vegan. However if you would like a totally vegan menu please ask.

  • Artichoke and pea lasagne
  • Fusion lasagne – 3 layers: pumpkin and olive pesto, spinach and tofu, tomato and corn ragout
  • Seasonal vegetable lasagne with béchamel sauce
  • Macadamia and pea pesto pasta vegetable bake
  • Zucchini polenta with pepperonata and salsa verde
  • Stuffed zucchinis on a bed of capsicum and roasted cherry tomatoes
  • Vegetable stacks with grilled tofu
  • Quinoa vegetable and cashew cheese filled capsicums
  • Thai style vegetable and white bean curry
  • Miso tofu with grilled eggplant and macadamia stir-fried vegies
  • Mexican beans Mexican tri-coloured rice and salsa
  • Balinese curry with tofu cakes
  • Sri Lankan curry with raita
  • Vegetable and halloumi tikka curry with date chutney


Prices for mains

1 main $15 per person

Additional mains are $10 per person

I recommend that you have one to two mains and accompany it with two to three salads or vegetable side dishes. Ideas for these dishes are listed after the Indian banquet.


Or a special Indian banquet menu

Choice of one curry:

  • Sri Lankan mixed vegetable curry with coconut
  • Mulligatawny style curry – a thick curry with a wonderful combination of spices and coconut milk
  • Aloo, Gobi and peas curry with mushrooms
  • Mixed vegetable style tikka

Choice of one dhal:

  • Spinach dhal
  • Celebration dhal with a unique combination of flavours sultanas and coconut
  • Sweet corn and celery dhal

Date and coconut chutney

Beetroot raita



Side salad


Price for special Indian banquet

$27 per person


Salads and side vegies

    • Rocket artichoke and cherry tomato salad
    • Rocket roast vegetable and rocket salad with quinoa
    • Green salad with fennel oranges and olives
    • Green salad with borlotti beans blueberries and nectarines
    • Green salad with mango avocado cucumber, tomato and coriander
    • Rocket beetroot lentil and macadamia cheese salad
    • Quinoa tabbouleh

Mediterranean pasta salad

  • Asian coleslaw
  • Steamed vegetables or a raw vegetable salad with Veet’s signature dressing – super sexy dressing – macadamia nuts citrus juice kaffir lime and raw honey
  • Green bean snow pea butter bean and corn salad with roast potato
  • Root vegetable bake with balsamic reduction
  • Root vegetable gratin
  • Steamed green veg with macadamia and lemon myrtle-infused oil dressing
  • Char-grilled Mediterranean veg
  • Asparagus and beans in a tomato dressing
  • Root vegetables in an orange mustard dressing


Prices for salads and side vegies if independent of a main

1 salad $15 per person
2 salads $20 per person
3 salads $24 per person
4 salads $27 per person

Prices for main dishes and side combinations

One main plus 3 salads or vegetable dishes $35 per person

Two mains plus 3 salads or vegetable dishes $41 per person

Two mains plus 4 salads or vegetable dishes $47 per person




  • Silken tofu chocolate mousse and orange sauce
  • Chocolate cheese cake brownie with seasonal berries
  • Orange chocolate cake with berries and macadamia cream
  • Decadent chocolate cake with berries and coconut yoghurt
  • Decadent fruit platter
  • See the Retreat menu for even more ideas

Price for desserts

$8 per  person per dessert

For a decadent wedding selection indulge your guests with two desserts and a fruit platter would be a wonderful option, or 3 desserts.

Wedding cake cutting service is 42 per guest.


From our first point of contact in the planning stages of our wedding, right up until the end of the night you were amazing. Everybody raved about the food – the freshness, the flavours and the obvious commitment to local produce. The Vietnamese spring rolls must have been the topic of conversation for the night! Everyone loved them!  Also thank you for being flexible and rolling with it when there were a few people who approached you with last minute dietary requests. Sarah and Joseph

Thank you so so much for you and Thirak’s wonderful work at our wedding. The food was fantastic and most definitely cooked with love, the secret ingredient! We’ll be quick to pass on our high recommendations to anyone we can. Zoe and Todd

Veet provided the most delicious food for our wedding. It was presented beautifully and with abundance. Our guests loved it and everybody enjoyed having fresh and tasty food. Children and people with special diets were catered for as well. The cakes were delicious and it felt like everything was cooked with so much love and care. Thank you! Didi and Dhiraj

Thanks so much for your beautiful food and great service Veet. We loved the food and our guests were quite blown away. It really helped make our wedding a huge success. The dhal and chutney was praised, as was the polenta. I particularly thought the canapés were magnificent. Andrew and Yuki

“Screenworks loves using Veet’s Cuisine. Always wonderful and interesting food and magnificently displayed. So suitable for film events with visiting film makers, the food caters to all dietary needs, is elegant and vegetarian! Such good service and an excellent showcase of the local produce and services.” Jenny Cornish, Screenworks

Veet cooks amazing meals, especially for groups at lunchtime. She is very reliable and puts a lot of love and care into the preparation. The food is excellent, light and she makes all kinds of dietary requests on top of it. I can highly recommend her for groups, parties, daily lunches and whatever else you need. All is organic on top of it, honestly a dream come true…..”
Turiya Hanover, seminar leader, and therapist