Retreat Catering

“When advertising our Yoga retreats I am always fully confident in letting people know that the food is completely nourishing and made with love – I wouldn’t run a retreat without Veet as her food is an integral part of a weekend dedicated to health.” ~Sarah Harmalambous

Retreat Catering

Catering for residential retreats is an absolute love of mine. Having participated on many retreats myself, I have a complete understanding of how important food is to people on retreat.

Local and organic ingredients are always sourced first. The finest quality ingredients are purchased from farmers in the Byron Bay area who really care about what they are growing. Most of he produce is organic and spray free.


Each meal is lovingly prepared and I am guided by the following principles:

  • Provide protein-rich meals – where even the biggest of meat eaters will feel satisfied.
  • Provide complete proteins – ensuring you get all nine essential amino acids with each and every meal.
  • Provide adequate levels of iron in meals – combining iron rich foods with ingredients that assist in the absorbing of iron.
  • Ensuring complete deliciousness at all times – where food is not only wholesome but the taste is equally as vital, using ingredients that have no added preservatives or colours etc.


In addition to these principles participant’s individual needs are always taken into consideration and all dietary requirements are catered for. I am gluten intolerant myself so have a huge repertoire of gluten free meals and desserts. I can cater for people who have allergies and for those who want ayurvedic, macrobiotic or raw food cuisine. Any dietary requirement can be catered for as long as it is vegetarian. Retreat menus are tailored to suit the needs of the particular retreat and I work with the retreat organiser to plan the perfect menus for their retreat.

Meal sizes are abundant, I myself love to go back for seconds and this is always available for those who share this love of mine.

I can cater for retreats of 14 people and up to 80 people or more.

I have a blog post that you are welcome to share with people booked into your retreats to help them prepare for a healthy vegetarian cuisine when on retreat Vegetarian catering on retreats.


Retreat menu ideas

Luscious Breakfast


  • A seasonal fruit platter
  • Freshly squeezed juice or green smoothie
  • A selection of organic breads, sour dough and gluten free
  • Local jams, tahini, raw honey, macadamia butter
  • Coconut yoghurt
  • Homemade muesli
  • Gluten free muesli
  • Tomato, garlic free pesto and hummos


Luscious Breakfast plus hot accompaniment

The Luscious Breakfast plus one of the following:

  • Tempeh sausages or Thai sweet corn or tempeh cakes
  • Scrambled tofu
  • Poha – Gujerati breakfast of spiced rolled rice with potatoes and pecans
  • Kedgeree – Indian style breakfast of lentils and rice served with boiled eggs
  • Marinated mushrooms and roasted tomatoes
  • Baked eggs with tomato and beans
  • Shak shuka – Israeli style breakfast stew with nut sprinkles and besan flour flatbread
  • Gluten free Japanese savoury pancakes
  • Buckwheat pancakes
  • Moong dhal savoury pancakes with jams and pickles


Main meals

These are just ideas but all meals can be arranged to suit your individual retreats dietary needs. From high energy food, to lighter meals in the evening, Ayurvedic cuisine, raw food or whatever other ideas you have that will enhance your particular retreat. Menu choices also depend on what is seasonally available as most of the produce sourced comes from local farmers markets.

All meals are accompanied by a green salad packed with yummies and another vegetable dish. Main meals consist of four dishes so there is plenty of variety:

  • Sri Lankan curry celery and corn dhal raita and brown rice
  • Mixed vegetable curry with spinach dhal raita chutney and brown rice
  • Vegetable tikka curry celebration dhal chutney and brown rice
  • Nut roast with mashed sweet potato steamed vegetables and a home made tomato sauce
  • Macadamia pea pesto and vegetable pasta bake with cauliflower salsa
  • Marinated artichoke and pea lasagne with warm green beans and carrot seed salad
  • Baked polenta stack with pepperonata and salsa verde served with a hot zucchini and almond salad
  • Eggplant and pumpkin parmigiana with gluten free pasta and fresh borlotti beans
  • Buckwheat pumpkin and silverbeet bake with steamed veggies
  • Mung bean and vegetable bake with mushrooms quinoa and antipasto vegetables
  • Vietnamese curry with bean shoot and tofu side and brown rice
  • Star anise tempeh with stir fried vegetables and coconut rice
  • Gado gado –steamed vegetables tempeh boiled eggs bean shoots and a macadamia nut sauce with fried rice
  • Balinese curry with acar acar green sambal and brown rice
  • Thai style curry with Thai green papaya salad and brown rice
  • Mixed vegetarian sushi with miso soup and a baked vegetable salad
  • Cauliflower crust bake with roast vegetables


For winter there is a range of soups:

  • Greek Lentil soup
  • Italian tomato roast capsicum and borlotti bean
  • Israeli inspired pumpkin carrot and sweet potato soup
  • Mulligantawny soup with a side of coconut yoghurt rice
  • Borst – European beetroot soup
  • Spinach and pumpkin broth
  • Vegetable lemongrass and coconut milk soup
  • Carrot dill and cauliflower soup with cannellini beans
  • Laksa with noodles and garnish
  • Indian spiced lentil soup
  • Ginger carrot soup
  • Zucchini and sweet potato soup
  • Tomato and puy lentil soup with coriander coconut yoghurt



Salads depend on what is in season at the time of your retreat. They will often contain a protein if there is none in the main meal. Below are a few of the many salad ideas.

  • Rocket pear and pecan
  • Baby spinach borlotti beans mandarins or blueberries (if in season) and sheep feta
  • Golden and red beetroot lentils and mixed leaves
  • Mixed leaves with roasted pumpkin macadamia nuts and sunflower sprouts
  • Thai style salad with rice noodles and bok choi
  • Corn snow peas green beans chickpeas and watercress
  • Mixed leaves avocado Kalamata olives cherry tomatoes and cucumber
  • Cos lettuce mixed leaves grated beetroot mixed seeds and sprouted legumes
  • High energy salad with raw veg and almonds and apricots
  • Fig pear and pecan salad with rocket
  • Green papaya salad and mixed greens
  • Mixed leaves with raw vegetables
  • Green salad with mango snowpeas sesame and sunflower seeds
  • Beetroot and orange salad with sprouted legumes
  • Zucchini spirals with avocado mint and fennel
  • Steamed veg salad with golden root veg and black bean noodles with a cashew cream sauce



  • All desserts are gluten free and vegan with sugar free options.
  • Middle Eastern orange and chocolate cake
  • Chocolate banana chia seed cake
  • Macadamia and seasonal fruit crumble with whipped cream, yoghurt or sour cream
  • Silken tofu chocolate mousse
  • Raw banana cake
  • Healthy banana and date cake with macadamia cream
  • Prune clafoutis
  • Passionfruit and chia slice
  • Raw strawberry delight
  • Sticky date cake
  • Baked bananas in star anise and cinnamon with whipped coconut milk
  • Pear and apricot clafoutis with a raw cocoa and silken tofu sauce
  • Raw avocado cake
  • Raw cacao and spirulina balls
  • Poached pears with coconut cream
  • Sticky date cake


Byron Bay area retreat menu pricing

(within the greater Byron Shire area including Uki)

Luscious Breakfast

$18 per person per day

Luscious Breakfast plus plus porridge or Bircher muesli

$20 per person per day

Luscious Breakfast plus one hot accompaniment

$25 per person per day


$26 per person per day including all day teas, milks, honey etc.


$26 per person per day including 1 dessert

Afternoon tea

$6 per person per day

A note on pricing

As of 2015 the government has asked me to collect 10% gst for them so you will need to add a further 10% to the prices – apologies for this but it is beyond my control.


Australia wide retreat menu pricing

(out of the greater Byron Shire area)

I love catering away, out of the Byron Bay area. It is wonderful to see what other areas have to offer in the way of fresh produce as well as to bring the Byron Shire’s finest to you. Our local sourdough bread is one of the best in the country as are our locally rain fed rice, macadamias and pecan nuts.

For retreats away from home (out of the greater Byron Shire) the rates are slightly different:

Luscious Breakfast

$19 per person per day

Luscious Breakfast plus plus porridge or Bircher muesli

$21 per person per day

Luscious Breakfast plus one hot accompaniment

$26 per person per day


$27 per person per day including all day teas, milks, honey etc.


$27 per person per day including 1 dessert

Afternoon tea

$6 per person per day

A note on pricing

As of 2015 the government has asked me to collect 10% gst for them so you will need to add a further 10% to the prices – apologies for this but it is beyond my control.


A flat fee of $400 for travel expenses within Australia. For overseas catering the airfare to the destination would be additional. Accommodation is also needed for me to stay when catering away from the greater Byron area.


Power Living have been enjoying Veet’s Cuisine on our yoga retreats for the last few years. Our yoga retreats are about personal transformation and the diet during the week supports this process immensely. The students and staff look forward to every meal, not only because we know they are super nutritious, but because they taste amazing! The love and care that goes into every morsel is evident and we savour every nurturing meal. Power Living Australia

The food Veet cooked during a retreat I attended was all wonderful. I could taste the love that Veet and her team put into the food. Alessandro Pavoni, Chef/owner at The Spit and Spiedo Restaurant and Bar

Veet’s food is delicious and looks beautiful. Her meals achieve that balance of leaving us feeling satisfied, but still light enough to practice our afternoon yoga! All my students on retreat have commented that the food is one of the best aspects of the retreat for them, and that they wish they could take Veet home! Veet is a joy to work with; professional, prompt, and calm in her interactions. Five star service!  Flo Fenton of In touch Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings

Thank you so much for your beautiful food last week! Everyone loved it. Your delicious food really was perfect for our retreat. We really look forward to your heartwarming meals and delights created with love at next year’s retreat. Michael Wheeler

Thank you Veet for the most love filled and soulful food I have eaten to date! You are a truly gifted woman with a heart of gold. Vanessa Lee

I love your food and it is a joy to have your magic in my mouth and the support you give the group with your love filled offerings only enhances the work we do. Jo Cobbett, Dance facilitator Movinground

What a weekend we had of magnificent wholesome food prepared by a very passionate beautiful person that loves her cooking and food. Kate Knight

Veet cooks exquisite, tasty vegetarian food with mindful attention to detail, careful though for your health and blessings straight from her heart. You can taste her spirit in every meal she cooks and serves with a beautiful smile on her face.