Ethical Catering

Right from the birth of Veet’s Cuisine I have looked at ethical ways to go about catering. Personally ethical catering means that not only is the food organic and free of manufactured chemicals but every aspect of the food has been looked at to ensure no one is getting harmed in anyway. 

Ethical catering

Local produce is always the first choice as this is the way to economic freedom for all in the world and a way to end poverty. Visiting local farmers markets and ordering directly from farmers is my first choice.

If grains, nuts, dried fruit and beans and legumes cannot be sourced locally then I will buy from organic suppliers within Australia. In a few instances where this is not actually possible then the product will be purchased overseas. However this is kept to a minimum and purchased from Santos Wholefoods where they employ an ethics manager. Any produce purchased from overseas is always organic and is at the request of the client requiring my catering service. An example of this is coconut oil – the market in Australia is not up and running yet so on the rare occasion I use coconut oil it will come from Thailand or Sri Lanka from organic and sustainable farms.

Veet’s Cuisine essentially offers plant based cuisine. If on retreat however people need to drink cow’s milk in teas Veet can supply organic milk that comes from a local farm where they treat their cows with the utmost of respect and do not kill the bull calf at four months. No other dairy products are used.

I am also a member of the Chefs Against Palm Oil group and you will not find any palm oil in my cuisine nor in the food or cleaning products.

As the vast majority of Veet’s Cuisine is fresh food or bulk items there is little waste and when catering at outside events proper crockery and cutlery is my first choice. If an event does require throw away plates they are bamboo or bio plates. Cups and cutlery are always proper ones not disposable.

And lastly but incredibly important the team at Veet’s Cuisine are treated with respect and dignity and paid generously. As a happy staff makes happy food cooked with love.