Selling Estate Jewelry And Getting the Most For It

When you are interested in selling your estate jewelry, you need to make a right decision. If you have received some jewelry or if you just have a collection of used gold jewelry that you are needing to turn a profit on then there are many things that you should consider before you sell your estate jewelry.

You might have seen some jewelry at the estate sale and you are thinking how you can turn a profit where someone has ignored its real value. Here we can point you in the right path so that you can get the most value. You can also look for website for selling your estate jewelry.

How do you determine the value of your estate jewelry?

Obviously, you need to sort through all the jewelry to determine if it is made of expensive metal or not. Most of your estate jewelry is probably costume or artificial jewelry. Usually, large gaudy stones are a dead giveaway on determining if jewelry is real or not. This kind of jewelry has some fixed value, but usually not a complete lot. You might consider selling all costume jewelry on an online sale website.

The other thing to do is to give your estate jewelry for the magnet test. Just take a magnet and pass it over the jewelry. Most of the jewelry that is not made of expensive metal will stick to the magnet. Again, these jewelry pieces probably don’t have value. One of the best place to sell estate jewelry is local jewelry shop who provide the highest value.

Now you have sorted through most of the jewelry pieces, take a close look at your jewelry to check if it has a hallmark stamp somewhere on that. The hallmark for gold jewelry will be a karat stamp. This karat stamp will be inside the rings, on the post of earrings or on the hook of necklaces and bracelets. Usually, silver will be marked with sterling. If you have some stones that look like they may be diamonds, take those pieces to the jeweler shop to have them investigated. You can also read this blog to get more tips on selling jewelry.