Vegetarian cookbooks

Veet’s Cuisine has two self-published gluten free books. Both books are printed locally by Mullumbimby Printworks keeping with the integrity of Veet’s Cuisine’s efforts to remain local wherever possible.Veet is in the process of writing two more recipe books: Alive – Vegan Recipes at their most Wholesome and Tasty and Veet’s Vegetarian Heaven – a recipe book that guides you through cooking with what is in season at any time of the year.

Veet’s Cuisine
Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

Has just been released in its third edition. Over thirty more recipes have been added to the existing hundred. All the recipes are gluten-free with many vegan and dairy free options and suggestions. The recipes have been tried and loved by many. The recipes in Veet’s Cuisine were inspired by the wonderful local produce available in the Byron Bay shire. The book is packed with loads of useful information, a protein guide, a simple guide on complete protein, an essential pantry list and some fun and interesting stories.