The Vegetarian Chef and Lifestyle Training

This training is for:

People who want to become part of the fastest growing market in organic and ethical food.

People who have wanted to run their own plant-based restaurant or catering business or for those who need to be inspired in their current business.People who would you like to build a repertoire of skills that will support their own and family’s health and well-being.

People who have vegan family members and want to learn how to provide wholesome and nutritionally well-balanced food.

With the training we offer at The Vegetarian Cooking School you not only learn skills and attain knowledge on all there is to know about healthy and delicious plant-based cuisine but you will also be treated with the utmost respect. Only plant-based foods sourced ethically and organically will be used and you will not have to handle any meat products or animal bi-products.When I decided to start my business I looked everywhere for a vegetarian chef’s training and the only one I could attend was one where I would be either faced with cooking meat or watching others do so. I was not prepared to compromise my principles and ethics in order to follow my dreams of having a vegetarian catering business. I did it alone and put all I knew from my vast experience of being a vegetarian into practice and learned along the way.

When I was fifteen I spent a week in a conventional kitchen on work experience. As I was a sensitive young being I was ridiculed and laughed at and was told I could never make it in the world of food if I wasn’t prepared to cook meat. I believed them and didn’t follow my dream. I went on to be a care worker and teacher before embarking on my dream again at the age of thirty-eight and now I bring both my teaching skills and vast knowledge of vegetarian cooking together in one comprehensive training.The training is a hands-on course where you will be taught by Veet Karen and specialist teachers and trainers. The training is broken up into nine modules, all with 2 to 4 units in each module. Class sizes will be kept small so you can receive lots of individual attention.

You will be required to complete tasks in your own time in between each module in order to pass the module and move onto the next module. Some of these tasks will involve work experience (for those training for home purposes the experience will be at home). The training comprises 300 contact hours plus 400 hours home or work practice.It is a requirement that you attend the foundation module first and then modules 7,8 & 9 at the end of the training. However, modules 2 to 6 can be taken in any order. This way you can complete the course in six quick months or you can choose to do the course over two years.

The training is held in one of the most evolved areas in Australia in regards to organic and ethical food. Byron Bay is a very supportive community for healthy living and healthy eating, with four weekly farmers markets.

All modules have been created to ensure wholefoods, organic, biodynamic and ethical produce is used. In addition to whole foods approach the food created in each of the modules will be incredibly delicious as this is essential to preparing great vegetarian cuisine.